Do You Dispose Of Commercial Plastic Waste?

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Do you want…

  • Your Waste Disposal Sorted, Leaving You Free To Run Your business.
  • To Stop Balancing Cost With Hassle Free Disposal?
  • 100% Confidence Your Disposal Is Legally Water-tight?
  • Flexible Disposal, When You Need It and On Your Terms
  • Watertight Procedures & Paperwork to Support your ISO Accreditation
  • Published Service & Quality Standards    

Well, most of our clients found us because they needed Urgent help With Waste Disposal…

We now work with many businesses who were juggling their waste disposal costs with spending their time actually organising the disposal. And many of them initially came to us because they were in a tight spot, with a load of waste, and no-where to put it.

pipeThey needed it off their site, and our speedy guaranteed service sorted everything out for them…then they found out how much money they would save by recycling their bulky plastics.

And that is how many of our clients find us. They’re in a fix and phoning around loads of different waste management and disposal companies trying to find someone who will give them a specific, guaranteed and fast collection time – and make sure that all of the legal boxes are ticked.

Because we work closely with our clients, we understand that saving cash is not always your top priority. This is why our operation is structured to give you the certainty your business needs about waste disposal. We understand that waste hanging around on your site can take up valuable real estate; be a health and safety hazard and that you want your business operation to be 100% safe and 100% legal. With maximum profits to your bottom line!

And does waste disposal seem to be getting more complex for businesses like you?

Keeping up with changing legislation takes time, especially when you want to get on with running your business. But you want to stay legal. Our Technical Support Team don’t just visit check in with the official regulators of the UK waste disposal system, we are part of the team. We sit on the same committees as the law makers and we discuss the legislation with them.

We have the heads up and understand the changes in waste management best practice and the law – and then we pass that information directly onto you.

This means you can focus on your business while we interpret the legislation into easily digestible chunks and tell you precisely what you have to do to comply. And we don’t charge you for this. We’re doing it anyway, and it’s just the click of the keyboard, or a quick phone call to make sure you’re kept in the loop.

How much time will you save when you’re told exactly what you need to do?

Perhaps ISO is an important aspect of your business? We appreciate what that means for you and how crucial it is to get that ISO paperwork spot on. Maybe ISO Accreditation and your green credentials are already part of your own company marketing strategy. We can even help you develop and show off your recycling activities to your potential customers. When you recycle with us you get our support, plus you also become associated with our waste management partners.

We understand that if everything is running smoothly you may be reluctant to upset your present arrangments – even if it means your company will save money. We don’t expect you to stop what you’re already doing right now and start recycling with us. But what you could do is register for a Free Environmental Management Audit and also get updates on industry and legal developments. Keep up automatically. Even if you don’t want the audit, you can still register for the updates.

Plus – you’ll have another shot in the locker if something does go wrong with your existing arrangements and you need to get out of a fix.

It doesn’t matter if you need to organise a disposal RIGHT NOW – or want to discuss longer term arrangements, we are ready to take your call on 01634 253557 – so give us a call straight away and start pushing your waste disposal issues into the background of your business.

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